Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My response to local political hack

I got this comment tonight and thought I'd share it and my response to it with this post...


Could you please stop supporting us!!! Anytime you support someone for election they lose. Next time support who you don't want to win.


Mickey Kearns, Jack Quinn, and Carl Paladino

Anonymous coward,

Did it ever occur to you that Jack Quinn and Carl Paladino were Republicans running in overwhelmingly Democratic districts? And that Mickey Kearns was an underfunded challenger to one of your special interest, incumbent friends? I had about as much to do with these people losing, as clowns like you had to do with their opponents winning. By the way, thank you for reading my blog daily.

Let me give you a nickels worth of free advice. Keep your boy Antoine Kennedy away from all TV cameras and microphones. Have his parents thought about contacting St. Joe's Collegiate Institute and getting a refund on the tuition they paid? The word articulate is not the first word that comes to mind when I hear him butcher the English language on a regular basis. By the way, where did the victory celebration take place? The Old Country Buffet? We all know you don't sign your name, because you know I would mercilessly expose whose ass you bend over and kiss on a regular basis. Maybe one of these years, you'll think highly enough of yourself to do so.



  1. I have to laugh when people say blacks are dumb because they vote for Antoine Thompson. Kennedy endorsed THOMPSON , PEOPLES, And BROWN yet south BUFFALO voted for him. The last person I voted for that won was JIMMY GRIFIN .

  2. Shame on you for thinking for yourself. When Going South or my union tell me who I have to vote for I do it.

  3. "Shame on you for thinking for yourself. When Going South or my union tell me who I have to vote for I do it."

    Exactly. What kills me is how some of these guys walk around like they are so tough and they badmouth the incumbents in the bars, every chance they get. Then, they put signs on their lawns for the same people they criticize. Why? Because when it comes down to it, they're not tough at all.