Sunday, November 7, 2010

Kelly interested in buying the Bills

This might be the funniest picture you'll ever see of Jim Kelly. He is the guy in civilian clothes next to Bernie Kosar.

If the Bills moved to Toronto, I don't think I'd ever watch another NFL game. The team has the most loyal fans in the league. Jim Kelly again reiterated his interest in buying the team once Ralph Wilson checks into the great owner's box in the sky...

"The bottom line is I've had a number of people contact me over the years, and there's serious interest about keeping the Bills in Western New York... I can't name those people... but major, major business people that want to see the Bills stay in Western New York. To be honest with you, with Roger Goodell as commissioner, and the State of New York, I can't see how they'd let a team in Buffalo go... at least not without a serious fight and and I'm one of those guys who will fight...

I'm cool with Kelly buying the team as long as local guys like Mark Hammister or the annoying chicken wing guy are not involved. Remember when Tom Golisano wanted to buy the Sabres? The politicians said thanks, but we're going to go with the Hamster. The first thing he did was ask the taxpayers to buy the team for him. I think Kelly should get Billy Fucillo involved. Seriously, I wish the fans could be part owners (like in Green Bay). They deserve it but I don't think the NFL would ever allow that again. It would go against their corporate scumbag image.

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