Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Victory Club

A Detroit, Michigan man claimed a $128 million lottery prize after buying the ticket at a porn shop. Not a pawn shop, a porn shop. We have unconfirmed reports that School Board member Ralp Pornandez was in line behind him.

Mike Greer claimed the $128.6 million prize on Friday, on behalf of a group of southeastern Michigan residents that he dubbed "Team Victory Club." At a press conference in Lansing, Michigan, Greer wouldn't answer questions as to who purchased the ticket at Uptown Book Store in Highland Park, or why they were at the store in the first place.

Uptown Book Store, an adult novelty store a few miles north of Detroit that also rents pornographic videos, will get $50,000 from lottery officials for selling the winning ticket. It shares a building with the Deja Vu strip club.

After watching the following clip, I find it hard to believe Detroit is the poorest city in America. Ironically, the group says it's going to donate some of the money to an area church. There but for the grace of God, go I. I think they should use some of the winnings to buy the Fox reporter some speech lessons...

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