Saturday, November 20, 2010

Letter to the editor- Larry Quinn

I agree with this letter writer's opinion of Larry Quinn. We've seen his handling of the Buffalo Sabres. Do we really want him making any decisions regarding our waterfront? When he suggested begging Bass Pro to come back to the negotiating table, he should have been laughed out of Buffalo. Just look at the way he poses for this picture. He looks like he gets up everyday before work and practices the "out of touch rich-guy pose" in front of a full length mirror for 30 minutes. Could somebody please remind this knucklehead he lives and works in the outpost of Buffalo, NY?

Let 35 Entrepreneurs Share Bass Pro Money

Thanks to Donn Esmonde for his continued watch over the Erie Canal Harbor board; he makes us aware of what an inept group this is. While its list of folly is too long to detail here, we can now add that the board wants to go forward with parking and canals for a Bass Pro that won’t be there. Amazing.

I think we would be better served, for example, by taking the $35 million from the failed Bass Pro deal and providing $1 million each to 35 proven entrepreneurs who can make a go of the small-scale village that is a much better fit.

Larry Quinn’s proposal to beg Bass Pro one more time was the clincher for me. Isn’t this the same negotiation wizard who brokered the Sabres’ Briere, Drury and Vanek debacle? I try not to underestimate the scope of other people’s jobs, but in Quinn’s case, I will make an exception. I have an unrelated engineering background, but I am still quite confident I could do the job better than Quinn. Could he please do Buffalo a favor and resign?

Bob Tortorici

Orchard Park


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