Monday, November 15, 2010

Delano to sue the city

Former Buffalo police detective Dennis Delano is suing the city of Buffalo for violating his 1st Amendment rights. Deputy Mayor Byron Brown had Delano suspended after he spoke out about the murder of Crystallyn Girard. Brown is one of the defendants listed in the lawsuit. Surprisingly, Mayor Steve Casey is not mentioned.

Dennis Donahue took a plea and testified against Girard's mother, Lynn DeJac. Later, it was discovered that Donahue's DNA was found inside the 13 year old victim. In fact, Donahue's DNA shows up quite frequently at murder scenes. He has only been convicted of one death, but his DNA has been found at three separate murders. The city claims Girard died of a cocaine overdose, which nobody in their right mind believes...

A second investigation into Girard's death by an independent medical examiner hired by the District Attorney's office found that she died of a cocaine overdose, something her family and Detective Delano vehemently denied. In late 2008, DeJac's conviction was thrown out and she was freed from prison.

I helped Dennis Delano a little bit when he ran against William Stachowski for State Senator. I found him to be a really nice, down to earth guy. He was recently elected to a judicial post in Cheektowaga.The city blatantly retaliated against Delano for speaking the truth. I'm glad he is taking them to court and I hope he wins...

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