Sunday, November 14, 2010

State police seeking the public's help in finding missing hiker


State Police are seeking the public's help in finding the missing 92 year old hiker in Allegany State Park. The man's daughter has drawn this image of a concrete structure which she describes as three feet high and 15-20 feet long. Her sketch is at the top of this story. From channel 2:

Rebecca Huffman, the daughter of the missing man, Thomas Hamilton, last remembers seeing a three foot high concrete structure. It was white and approximately 15-20 feet long, six feet wide with an opening or entranceway. Inside of the structure is an inlayed mosaic stone floor, located on a slope or hillside.

If you're familiar with the park and you think you might recognize this landmark, please call the New York State Parks Police at (716) 354-9111.



  1. could this be the area that he is in?

  2. i'm not too familiar with the park but the authorities may want to see your picture. it is definitely similar to the picture described. have you shown it to them? i would call. i'm sure they are looking at every tip.

  3. the link is not showing up live. i will include it in a new post.