Monday, November 29, 2010

Crime is up in South Buffalo

It's gotten pretty bad in the old neighborhood. Channel 2 did this story on my sister. Thieves broke into her house and stole some of her late husband's items (including his high school class ring). Be on the lookout. According to the weekly crime report, crimes such as this are up dramatically.

I've lived in the neighborhood in question for 38 years. Years ago, it was a good neighborhood. Not a wealthy neighborhood, but the families knew each other and looked after each other. Even the neighborhood "tough guys" had a sense of right and wrong. I remember years ago, some local "hoodlums" threatening to beat up a guy from outside the neighborhood. The guy had stolen my quarter from the top of a video game. Looking back, it's funny now, but those guys were incensed that someone from outside South Buffalo would rip off a young kid from the neighborhood. It wasn't a racial issue (the guy who stole the quarter was white). Even then, some of the guys from the South Park neighborhood in that group were of different races. If the person was cool/decent, he had everyone's respect (white, black, or Hispanic).

The sad part is the items stolen from Linda's house are irreplaceable. They have sentimental value. A million dollars from a benefit or a fundraiser could never replace them. The person who stole the items probably doesn't even know who Linda's husband was or how he died. I know some in the local news media found out about this a few weeks ago, but Linda didn't want to make a big deal about it. Hopefully, some or all of the missing items will turn up.

BUFFALO, NY - Linda Herbert told 2 On Your Side that burglars ransacked her home in the City of Buffalo and took precious items that belonged to her late husband, firefighter Don Herbert.

"The most devastating thing was the wedding bands and my engagement ring because that's something you can't replace," said Linda Herbert about a recent burglary at her South Buffalo home earlier this month.

Her late husband's high school ring from Bishop Timon was stolen, along with school rings belonging to her sons and her father.


  1. Maybe if the POLICE would get out of their cars and show these outsiders who have taken over our playgrounds as their DRUG turf that they are not welcome this might still be a good neighborhood.I. called the police when four black guys were smoking pot at holy family playground this summer and it took them 40 minuits to come. When they did they drove by slow but did not stop. This would not happen in WEST SENECA , ORCHARD PARK. CHEK. WHY DOES IT HAPPEN HERE.

  2. I hope the police go after anyone (black, white, or Hispanic)breaking the law. If you look at the crime reports we publish every week, they have their work cut out for them. There are so many people stealing, selling drugs,breaking into cars, etc. I blame the judges more than the police. These thieves know they will be out after a slap on the wrist. It makes good business sense for them to keep breaking the law. They virtually go unpunished.

    To me, it all starts and ends with the breakdown of the family. We have a whole group of people getting things for free from childhood on. They aren't learning discipline at home and God forbid the schools try to instill any. At my school(SBCS), discipline is emphasized. We have many kids from the school in my soccer program. The kids whose parents are around and involved in their lives(and that's the great majority of them) are respectful and are really good kids (and many of them are black). If a kid comes from a home where there is no discipline, they will get involved in things like this (and that goes for all races)in my opinion. The suspects in the crime report each week come in every color imaginable.