Tuesday, November 23, 2010

County Legislature race heating up

The jostling for Tim "Little Antoine" Kennedy's County Legislator seat is beginning to heat up. We knew there was a reason Jim "Florida resident" Keane was backing Little Antoine's bid for the state senate.
Keane is leading the push to have Tim Whalen, one of his relatives of course, take over the seat vacated by Kennedy. Keane better hurry up, as it is almost time for him to pack his bags and move back to the Florida condo we all paid for.

Whalen, known to have flunked at least one exam for his job as a school engineer(He got the job anyway. Why study when you're related to the Keanes?), is about as smart as a box of rocks. He'll do whatever he is told to do by Jim Keane and Brian Higgins. He's been putting up signs for endorsed Democrats his whole adult life. This is the only known photograph we have of Whalen...


Whalen joins Lou Petrucci as the only two vying for the seat. Petrucci, who is afraid of his own shadow and prone to lying and exaggerating his accomplishments (which are few and far between), is being backed by the ethically challenged Ray McGurn. Petrucci does whatever McGurn tells him to and couldn't lead his way out of a cardboard box. This is the only picture we have of Petrucci...

All I can say is "we are in trouble." I know both of these jabrones. They represent all that is wrong with our current political system. Neither possesses even the slightest of leadership skills. Both will lie and kiss up to whomever they are told to. Neither has any self respect and will have no problem selling out the taxpayers to the likes of Jim Keane or Ray McGurn. Please tell me there is a choice C.



  1. Petrucci and Conrad aren't probably bad people but they can't think for themselves and have become career "yes men" for whatever Higgins,Schroeder and Kennedy preach.They were raised like this and can only be pitied because they don't know any better.

  2. Very true, Marty. I guess becoming a follower and sacrificing your pride is easier than going to school, getting an education, and finding a job in the real world.

  3. Mike, Mike, Mike...it's the "South Buffalo Way"

    Your "Hitting 40" Pal...

  4. "Mike, Mike, Mike...it's the "South Buffalo Way"

    What is? Prostituting yourself? It is not the South Buffalo way. It might be the way of a small group of people from South Bflo but it doesn't stand for the whole community. I'm going to keep talking about issues and keep exposing these spineless idiots for exactly what they are.

  5. Ahhh...Most of my neighborhood has a job with the city or county for this VERY REASON. So that's why I've always called it "The South Buffalo Way."

    They put themselves out there on campaign patrol for Brown, Higgins, or Kennedy. Don't get me started with Brown. Just change your mailing addy, I'll get ya a job. Bam, you're in.

    My mum told me when I moved back home to change my voter reg. to democrat. She said it was the only way I'd get a civil service job.

    Basically, if you don't kiss ass, take the test(no matter how you do), belong to the right political party, volunteer for the right incumbent who gets elected, then you get that job.


    I'm not arguing with you AT ALL...I'm on YOUR SIDE. Always have been. Out of the side streets and surrounding blocks in my neighborhood? It's been that way for DECADES. My neighbor is the BIGGEST of them all since Griffin and probably before!

    See, I went against the grain for this election. I believed in the way I believed the government SHOULD have been. I didn't do the dog and pony show. I wore my proud t-shirt. I put my bumper sticker on my car. I bought a sign for my lawn and my mum's lawn in OP. I highly dislike the loyalties of the higgins/kennedy troops and everything connected to them. What did I get as a remark from my political hack neighbor? You'd get a job if you'd spend all that time for Higgins or Kennedy. Well I didn't...I spent April to November at Ellicott Square.

    There are more people than we know of that get these jobs. It is wrong. And it makes it hard for an average person to take a Civil Service test and get into the City. The system's corrupt right down to the core.

  6. That is so true. You are exactly right. I'm glad you did the right thing and fought for what was right. Keep standing up for yourself. I wish everyone thought like you.

  7. "Your a creep"

    Thank you for your well thought out comment. By the way, it's You're a creep,Einstein.