Saturday, November 27, 2010

Looking for Frosty


Remember when people used to have pizzas delivered to somebody's house as a prank? Apparently, those days are over. A family from Holland, NY was "swatted" this week. That's the term gamers use when a practical joke involving the SWAT team is played on one of their enemies. They called the police claiming a hearing impaired person was being held hostage inside Daniel Keem's home. Who would have ever thought gamers could exhibit such antisocial behavior? It's so unlike them. Keem says he's getting messages from other gamers saying the chief suspect is a guy who calls himself "Frosty". Frosty was unavailable for comment, but when we yelled upstairs from his mother's basement, she swore he was innocent.

On a side note, Keem was arrested for wearing his hat sideways. A town of Holland ordinance makes it a misdemeanor for a grown man to do so in public.

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