Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Traffic nightmare in South Buffalo

I heard there was an accident on McKinley Parkway yesterday during rush hour. Is anyone surprised? Who is the genius that allowed construction to take place on South Park Avenue and Hopkins St. at the same time?

This has resulted in Hopkins St. being closed and South Park Avenue being reduced to one lane (often times one direction at a time.) The result has had everyone going to McKinley, which is already a very busy street. The other day, I was three blocks from my house off of Hopkins St. I wound up on Hopkins and Amber. I had to go down Amber because Hopkins was closed. When I got to the corner of South Park and Amber, I couldn't turn left because traffic was backed up all the way to Lackawanna! I had to turn right and then left on Choate to Mckinley Pkwy. By the time I got to McKinley Parkway, it looked like the Daytona 500. I had to drive for 20 minutes to travel four city blocks! Talk about poor planning. I'm thankful they are working on the streets, but did they have to work on two busy adjacent thoroughfares at the same time? It seems to make no sense to me.



  1. Smells like Tim Kennedy, that sidewalk money didn't fall from the sky. How much fucking money will is cost to pave around those stupid things? South Park has to be paved every 2 years or so and will most likely take longer and cost more now that we have beautiful side walks. And who waits until November to put them in... someone that's seeking vote. How transparent is this boob?

  2. I think you're right on the money Sean. As far as the traffic, I noticed people on S Park trying to turn left onto Tifft St(in one lane traffic) That's whats causing everyone else behind them to get stuck at the light. All they have to do is put up some NO LEFT TURN signs at that intersection and traffic would be much smoother. why would i expect Kennedy to notice this? his office is only right on the same corner. (although i'm not sure he knows how to get to his office, since he is never there.)