Wednesday, November 24, 2010

More from the DeJac lawsuit

Although $30 million dollars might a bit too much, I think Lynn DeJac-Peters Cougar Melloncamp deserves something for spending 14 years behind bars. The key to Babcock perhaps? Actually, I hope the jury awards her $3 million dollars directly from former Disrict Attorney Frank Clark's and former Assistant D.A. Joe Marusak's bank accounts. They should pull Clark off the nearest bar stool and toss the red faced blowhard in jail for 14 years. He rivals Antoine Thompson and Tim "Little Antoine" Kennedy as one of Western New York's most incompetent public officials over the last 25 years. Clark was nothing but a grandstander to the media with his whining voice and overly dramatic rhetoric.

Check out the neon green sport-coat worn by Marusak at 0:30 in this clip, where he calls DeJac a "stone cold murderer." This idiot looks like he just won the Masters' golf tournament. It looks like he picked it up at the Salvation Army on the way to the courthouse. Herb Tarlek from WKRP called. He wants his jacket back...

I can't believe the taxpayers might be on the hook for millions of dollars because of the gross incompetence of these two blowhard barristers.

Speaking of lawyers, I think I saw DeJac's lawyer, Steven Cohen. last week at the Old Country Buffett. And believe me, if it's the same guy, he certainly got his $11.95 worth. In an unrelated matter, DeJac-Peters will be at Tops this week signing autographs. All proceeds will go to Camp Good Days and Special Times. She is also scheduled to appear next month on TV's Dancing With the Stars...

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