Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Twitter post gives Connolly a black eye

When someone at work or at a bar asks you if you heard the rumor about Tim Connolly getting punched at the charity event, Catwalk for Charity by Derek Roy, you can assure them it is not true.

"I didn’t do anything to him," Roy said. "Trust me. I would not hit a teammate at a charity event, that’s for sure. I’m the last guy in this dressing room, if you ask anybody, who would do anything like that.

Coach Lindy Ruff says the black eye happened when Connolly hurt himself rehearsing for the charity event...

"Derek did not touch Tim Connolly," Ruff said. "What happened was [Connolly] had an incident that was related to something that he was going to perform at the charity event. It’s fairly funny. If he wants to tell you, he can go ahead. It has nothing to do with fighting. It has something to do with what he was trying to practice for part of the program, and he wasn’t very good at it, obviously."

The whole rumor was started on Twitter. So, while Connolly is still the most overpaid bust on the Sabres, he did not get beaten up by one of his teammates. However, I did just check my Twitter account and found out that the Bills traded Ryan Fitzpatrick for Tom Brady, Jerry Mathers was killed in Vietnam, and Ralph Wilson passed away last night from an undisclosed illness...


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