Monday, November 1, 2010

Don't forget the back of the ballot tomorrow

Please remember to tell your friends and neighbors to vote Yes tomorrow to reduce the size of the Erie County Legislature. The politicians want you to vote No so they and their staff can keep their no-show, do-nothing jobs. Barbara Miller-Williams says you will lose your "representation." What representation do you have now?

This lady was able to do this job in addition to being a full time Buffalo Police officer. She also had the nerve to rack up tons of overtime. To hear her tell it, she worked around the clock for 24 hours straight each day.This is the ultimate no-show job and needs to be eliminated entirely. Vote Yes, so we can go from 15 clowns who do nothing to 11 clowns who do nothing. Remember, it's on the back of the ballot. They put it there because they are hoping you and your elderly neighbors won't see it tomorrow.

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