Thursday, November 25, 2010

Why so pre-planned?

From today's Buffalo News...

Bills receiver Stevie Johnson was fined $5,000 by the NFL for his playful uniform statement at Sunday's game in Cincinnati.

The T-shirt quote was a reference to a statement by the character the Joker in the Batman movie "The Dark Knight." Bengals receivers Terrell Owens and Chad Ochocinco refer to themselves as Batman and Robin. Johnson also was fined $10,000 after the Week Three game against New England in which he mimed shooting a musket after scoring a touchdown. The Patriots have a mascot fire off a musket on the sideline after New England TDs.

As a young fan, stuff like this didn't bother me. In fact, I thought things like this were funny. However, in my advancing age, premeditated celebrations like Johnsons' bug me. There's an old saying amongst football players regarding behavior in the endzone: "Act like you've been there before." I agree with this 100%. Hopefully, fans in Buffalo will send Stevie Johnson a message. We don't like clowns like Terrell Owens and Chad Ochocinco around here. They have the same number of wins as they do reality shows. Instead of Batman and Robin, they should call themselves Lenny and Squiggy.

Johnson's one of the best players on the team, plays great every week no matter what the score, and brings with him an amazing story of NFL survival. However, look back at old films of Jerry Rice and Marvin Harrison and let me know if they ever had to do stuff like this to get attention. They didn't. Probably because they were too busy setting NFL receiving records.


  1. Well, as far as the pats game? Weren't they jumping in the crowd over and over again after their touchdowns causing unnecessary delays? I found that a bit extreme, IMO. I didn't see any calls for excessive celebrations on the pats? And they took their sweet ass time too in the stands...So, Steve Johnson comes up from the practice squad where he basically came up with Fitzpatrick. Does a little celebration with the mascots of the pats? Big Deal...get over it.

    And as far as the two you mentioned? Owens and Ochocino? I didn't see any hype when McKelvin got into a screaming match and starting screwing up when his temper got in the way after his altercation with Owens?

    So Johnson shows off a hand written shirt? Should we be alarmed? Is he the next bad boy like Owens? It was funny IMO. We should have never had Owens to begin with. He was 1)overpriced. 2)Thought he was too good for us. 3)Never worked hard enough for us. 4)Never put the heart into the game like he should have.

    Serious? He's nothing but a loud mouth(Owens). GIMME GIMME GIMME...Steve? Next time you do something stupid and wanna play the game like the big boys, then get schooled. You're not there yet. So far you've made your point. But your antics thus far have been justified in this lifelong Bills fan.

  2. I noticed McKelvin lose his composure, too. I don't mind funny celebrations as long as they are spontaneous. I just hate preplanned stuff with props. The one against the Pats didn't bother me. It was actually funny.

    This Bills this year at least aren't boring to watch. the last couple years they have been so bland. I like the way Gailey gets rid of certain guys(Hardy, Lynch, Maybin, Edwards). Jauron was too much of a wimp to be a head coach. Fred Jackson was no fluke last year. They should keep giving him carries because he produces when given the chance.

  3. Gailey shows enthusiasm. I like him. We do have players on the team who show up and play with heart. And I believe that comes from the head coach who shows them week after week that they're not just some losing football team. He shows expression either way on the sidelines.

    Jauron? I don't think the man had emotion. And the toss and turn between players and whether or not week after week to play what card just made things worse.

    Yeah...this may be a work in progress. But look at Williams on defense. Pro Bowl stats who is going to get overlooked because he's unfortunately on Buffalo. to dump Edwards and go with him? Amazing. And HIS numbers? Up among some of the best.

    We need to fine tune things. Unfortunately, IMHO, playing in Toronto isn't going to help that situation either. At least when you go out to OP you can hitch along with someone or take one of the many DD services or a cab. If you have any blemishes on your record good luck getting into Canada. DUI from 20 years ago? Hah! "We don't want your 'kind'." They make you turn around. And then the ticket prices because of the smaller stadium? And to sleep overnight in DT Toronto?

    bad move Ralph....

    My only hope is that Jim Kelly and gang can get a grip on the franchise.

    Your pal "hitting 40" from above and now...