Friday, November 5, 2010

The heir to Antoine Kennedy

The Buffalo Fiscal Stability Board needs to keep babysitting the Buffalo Schools. Despite what Lou Petrucci says in this clip, he and the school board are not ready to be made "whole". I have mixed feelings about bringing him up because his wife, sister, and kids are some of the nicest people I've met over the last several years as a coach. Petrucci himself, however, is not to be trusted. He is a known embellisher.

The Fiscal Stability Board shouldn't trust a guy who has been led around by the nose for the last 20 years by the ethically challenged Ray McGurn. Petrucci is one of the names being mentioned to replace Tim "Little Antoine" Kennedy for the 2nd district Erie County Legislature seat. Why not? He's willing to kiss anyone's ass to get the job. He's disingenuous, has no character, and will stop at nothing to promote himself. Petrucci's disdain for speaking the truth is well known. Everyone knows the guy/woman at work who rushes to the boss to take credit for the work of their coworkers. You know who I'm talking about-the self promoter! Lou Petrucci is that guy. I hope Brian Higgins and company are smart enough to realize Petrucci is not what we need for this do-nothing irrelevant position. The blogger will be watching with interest and tell you (the average citizen) exactly what the entitled creeps are trying to pull to preserve their unearned power.


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