Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Great act of sportsmanship by JFK runner

This is the type of news we should be promoting regarding high school student/athletes. Pictured here (in the orange) is Kaylea Rustay of JFK High School. Rustay stopped and tried to drag one of her competitors across the finish line at the New York State Cross Country Championship meet in Pawling, NY this past weekend...

Despite a number of attempts, Kaylea was unable to carry Molly across the finish line, but with a burst of determination, Molly was eventually able to crawl across the line and finish the race.

Kaylea and Molly had never met before the race, and Kaylea made the effort to help her fellow competitor even though it affected her race time.

Kaylea finish in 62nd place with a time of 21:36 while Molly was able finish with a time of 21:56, placing her 75th.

If you know any serious runners, their race times are more important to them than anything. I'm not a serious runner, but 21:36 is about the time I would get now (give or take a few donuts before the race).

That is what makes this a great act by Rustay. Her time wasn't bad for a high school runner. Yet, she sacrificed it, in probably the most important race of her high school career, to help an injured opponent. Also, a great job by whoever took the picture displayed here, which I think is a great shot. For the full story, please go to...

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