Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Schroeder challenges Silver to meet WNY citizens

Assemblyman Mark Schroeder has asked Speaker Sheldon Silver to come to Western New York and take part in a forum with local residents. In years past, Silver has acted like Upstate NY is not even part of the state. As far as Silver is concerned, New York state starts and ends in Manhattan. He's been a speaker for 17 years, and that's 17 years too long, if you ask me. Silver is one of Albany's infamous "three men in a room" and he completely turned his back on Buffalo during the UB 2020 debacle. At least somebody is finally standing up to his arrogant ways.

Here is a clip where Schroeder challenges Silver to come to town. He has given Silver a letter telling him he will not get his support unless he does so. Now, if we could only get cowards like Sam Hoyt on board to stand up for WNY. Oh, I forgot. He's too busy collecting money from New York City special interest groups to do so...


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