Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Bills fans need to relax

I'm not going to be one of those people who gets bent out of shape about the Bills' season. They are an 0-8 team that has been close in the last three games. They've lost each of those games by 3 points and two have gone into overtime. I read the Buffalo News story today and some fans are taking the season a little bit too hard. Talk about a small town. The News is now using the disgruntled fan who put up the Fire Dick Jauron billboard as a consultant. What's the matter? Chicken wing guru Drew Cerza wasn't unavailable? The sign guy knows as much about football as I do...

Patrick Moran, the Bills fan responsible for the January billboard urging the team to hire former Pittsburgh Steelers coach Bill Cowher, isn't buying that theory.

"Honestly, it's tough to find something lovable about them," Moran said. "They do work hard. They haven't quit. They're fighting. But they're lovable only in the sense that they're going to find another way to lose."

"The sense I get is that the team has become a joke," Moran added. "You go into a bar or a tavern, it's gotten to the point that it's almost become comedic: 'How are they going to lose this game?'"

The Bills don't have a tremendous amount of talent on their roster. The drafts of the last several years have produced noticeable busts like James Hardy, Maybin, McCargo, JP Lossman, and others. That having been said, most of the other guys are playing their hearts out every week. I like Fred Jackson (although he hasn't found his mark yet this year.) Stevie Johnson is playing like he wants to make the Pro Bowl. Ryan Fitzpatrick has done pretty well. He's a Buffalo type guy who doesn't have loads of God-given talent but hustles on every series. Roscoe Parrish was having a terrific year until he broke his wrist on Sunday. The problem is the defense. It is like swiss cheese.

I don't know why some of these people get depressed over a football game. If they're going to get that emotional, they should quit watching and go outside and enjoy the beautiful autumn we have in this area.

The biggest problem has been the scouting department the last several years. They've selected guys that were good college players but not good pro players. The two games are very different. A good scout can tell the guys that are going to become good pro players. Bill Polian in Indianapolis has a great eye for talent, as does whoever is recruiting the players in New England and Baltimore.

Here's a trick play from a middle school game. The quarterback pretends to be confused, takes an unorthodox snap, and then walks and finally sprints for a touchdown. I don't like the play. It reminds me of the old Sam Wyche days in Cincinnati. I hate this stuff. Strap on your helmet and play football. Football is not supposed to be chess. I like fake field goals and fake punts but not crap like this. If I was #19 on defense, I would have tackled him 10 yards into the endzone...

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