Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Thompson-Grisanti results nothing to celebrate

There was an article in today's Buffalo News Editorial page regarding the Antoine Thompson-Mark Grisanti race. Some unnamed writer (I'm no John Steinbeck but I use the term loosely) thinks the outcome of the race is an indication that Democracy is alive and well in Western New York...

Just when citizens get too jaded to think they can make a difference in the state's corrupt and self-serving political landscape, something happens that restores our faith in the democratic process and the power of individual voters.

The Antoine Thompson-Mark Grisanti race is one such event. No matter who wins this seat, the fact that there's even a question is evidence that, despite expectations among the most cynical of us, voters are not sheep.

I am admittedly very cynical when it comes to the low standards of voters. However, I don't see the need in performing cartwheels over the fact that 51% of citizens had enough of Antoine Thompson. Had he robbed a bank the week before the election, I wonder if it would have been 52%?. Thompson is the poster child for corrupt politicians. He takes trips to Jamaica during important votes. He don't even know which way he votes on certain issues (he must forget which way he was TOLD to vote.) He spends $400,000 of taxpayer money during a recession, on mailings promoting himself. Finally, he recently had you pay for a 105 page book (with color photos of himself)to do the same thing. This guy is like something out of a comic book. You couldn't even make up how ridiculous he is, if you wanted to. Back to the editorial...

Regardless, Tuesday's vote showed that while voters may turn a blind eye once in awhile, party loyalty and pork-barrel payouts are no replacement for competence and respect.

Competence and respect? 49% of the people in Thompson's district felt four more years of his "leadership" was a good idea! If this vote had been 90-10, then I would say people were finally starting to wake up. You can be this poor of a leader and still almost pull out a victory?

Almost half the electorate still chose to vote for a guy who should be behind bars! I'm glad he's probably going to lose, but the closeness of the race speaks volumes for the continued ignorance of the voters. Unlike the News, I still see many sheep in the pasture. Some are black and some are white. Some are having a drink right now at Doc Sullivan's.
Voters speak up - Editorial Page - The Buffalo News

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