Thursday, July 15, 2010

Good article by Rod Watson

I was glad to read Rod Watson's article in today's Buffalo News. It's refreshing to see someone not making excuses for the ridiculous behavior displayed by the kids at the public swimming pools in Buffalo.

We pay for metal detectors—and the staff to operate them—in schools because too many kids think weapons are a learning aid. We fund cameras on NFTA buses and trains because too many young people consider fighting to be an extracurricular activity. We send extra cops to movie theaters on holidays because teens find causing mayhem more entertaining than what’s on the screen.

Now the tab will grow with the hiring of rent-a-cops to patrol the pools. The city first tried to see if young people might behave on their own but had to temporarily close the summer swimming program because of rowdy behavior.
It’s hard to miss the irony. One of the excuses for such programs has always been that kids cause trouble because they have no recreational outlets.

Watson is right. It's about time someone spoke the truth. When these kids start getting consequences for their behavior, then, and only then, will their behavior improve. And it's about how they are being raised or should I say being forced to raise themselves. We need to stop expecting teachers, social workers, and coaches raise these kids and start forcing the parents to become accountable. Some people might want to make this into a racial discussion. I have to disagree. There are many white, Hispanic, and black families all over town just sitting back waiting for the government to raise their kids for them. Why would they want to do all of the work that goes into parenting when there is a whole group of do-gooders willing to fill in the void. It's like feeding a wild animal. All it does is make the animal dependent.

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