Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Does Derenda live in Clarence or not?

The controversy over Deputy Mayor Byron Brown's "national search" for a police commissioner continues. Interim commissioner Dan Derenda answered questions about his short temper, lack of qualifications, and residency the other day...

He also denied persistent rumors that he sneaks off to a suburban home each night and that he's prone to flying off the handle with co-workers.
"I don't lose my temper," Derenda replied to questions about his alleged volatile demeanor. "I do get loud at times to make my point."

Derenda also denied rumors that he secretly lives in a suburb.
"I am a city resident and have been lifelong," Derenda said.

I keep hearing that Derenda lives in Clarence. When Steve Urkel said he was conducting a national search, he must have meant from Buffalo to Clarence, I guess. If it is determined that Derenda does live in Clarence, he should be eliminated from consideration for this important position. Worse than him not living in the city, would be him lying about it in front of the whole Common Council. If he doesn't own the house in Clarence that everyone is talking about, who does? "East Aurora" Jim Comerford? Next applicant please.

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