Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Patronage alert: NY State Thruway Authority

Remember when Paul Clark ran the commercial with dozens of Keanes walking around waiting for their patronage jobs? Jim Keane was the candidate that year for County Executive. The voters overwhelmingly chose an unknown opponent over Keane because they wanted change. They knew Keane was all about the Keanes at the expense of the rest of us.

Now, I'm hearing through an anonymous source that Richard Keane, Jr. has just been given an $86,000/yr job with the Thruway Authority. Was this job posted for the rest of us to apply for or was it simply "owed" to one of the the Keanes? I know Richard Keane, Jr. He's a great guy. But how do you hand someone an $86,000/yr job during a recession when the rest of us are struggling to pay our bills? Jobs like this are par for the course for guys like Brian Higgins and Florida resident Jim Keane. They take care of their own at the expense of you and I. Remember, when you pay those outrageous thruway tolls to drive on our crappy roads, you are supporting jobs like this for the Keanes and the pensions that come with them. 1,200 people read this blog every week. I am very grateful to have so many interested neighbors.With friends like this, I have no problem being an "outsider".

Please help spread the word about jobs like this and start holding people like Florida resident Jim Keane and Brian Higgins responsible for them. Remember, when Higgins tells you how much our area needs Tim Kennedy, he really means that he, Jim Keane, and Steve Pigeon need guys Kennedy to continue their bidding. South Buffalo politics is one big charity and the Keanes are the biggest benefactors. Your kids will be forced to leave Western NY soon. Do you think there's an $86,000/yr job at the Thruway Authority waiting for them? I doubt it.

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