Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Albany money trail

If you like things in New York to stay the same, just line up like the rest of the mindless robots and support Andrew Cuomo. He's a great actor just like his father. He's going to say all of the right things. But look at where his financial support is derived from. The same people that have New York state in the financial mess it is today, the Albany insiders. From the Buffalo News:

Cuomo raised $9.2 million so far this year from a who’s who of Albany special interests, helped along by large individual donations from Wall Street executives, attorneys, hedge fund managers, real estate developers and some of Manhattan’s wealthiest residents.

Not to be out done by their friends in Albany, the Asian carp of Buffalo politicians are also backing "Honest Andrew":

While the big money flowed from tony addresses in Manhattan, Buffalo tossed cash his way, too, including $100,000 from Delaware North’s Jeremy Jacobs and his wife, Margaret. Local politicians, lawyers and lobbyists also gave; digging deepest was former Buffalo Mayor Anthony Masiello, a lobbyist in Albany, who tapped his former campaign account to give Cuomo $30,000. (The current mayor, Byron Brown, passed over as Cuomo’s lieutenant governor candidate, gave Cuomo $1,000.)

If you're someone that cares about New York state, I've got news for you. These career criminals are laughing at you. Do you think they are giving Cuomo this kind of money out of the kindness of their hearts? Stop being suckers. It's hard for me to believe there are that many uninformed votors in this state. Lazio is a dud. I could have found some guy at a random bus stop capable of generating more enthusiasm than he has. Grandpa Munster, Al Lewis, is no longer among the living. Carl Paladino is the answer. He is the only one speaking up and spending his own money for change in Albany.

Albany insiders on Cuomo donor list : State : The Buffalo News

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