Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Scream bandit

This guy decided to celebrate Halloween three months early and robbed the drug store on South Park Avenue. It's very scary the lengths some of these addicts will go to get their drugs...

Man with ‘Scream’ mask robs pharmacy of drugs

A man wearing the Halloween mask made famous in the movie “Scream” held up a South Park Avenue pharmacy at gunpoint Monday morning, making off with Oxycontin.
The man entered Nickel City Pharmacy at 9:20 a. m. wearing black canvas gardening gloves with a cotton wristband and a ghoul mask with hot pink trim, Buffalo police said.
Witnesses said he demanded Oxycontin and displayed a black semiautomatic handgun. He made off with three partially filled bottles of the drug, estimated to be worth $2,000.

Man with ‘Scream’ mask robs pharmacy of drugs : Police Blotter : The Buffalo News

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