Saturday, July 24, 2010

Buffalo summer school teachers get stiffed

In a shocking development, the Buffalo Public Schools administration failed to pay it's summer school teachers on Friday as scheduled. This is surprising, since the people over at City Hall are usually known for being so well organized...

About 100 Buffalo Public Schools teachers who expected to get paid Friday for working in summer school have been told they will have to wait until Monday for their checks.
One teacher said that when she first called the payroll department about the situation, she was told the problem was with her bank.

“Summer pay is a complex organism with a lot of funding sources,” a spokesperson wrote in a brief e-mail. “Whatever the problem is, it will be resolved soon.”

Not surprisingly, those "funding sources" did not affect Buffalo's most overpaid residency violator, James Kane.

Kane's ridiculously high paycheck arrived on time at his suburban Western New York home on Friday. It doesn't matter if the teachers get paid on time, but the overpaid administrators? That's another story. Can somebody tell me what they do all day to warrant the pay they receive?

Payday delayed to Monday for 100 summer teachers - The Buffalo News

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