Thursday, July 8, 2010

Letter to the editor- Suburban Buffalo police officer

Here's a letter from today's newspaper from a Buffalo cop who lives in East Aurora. He says you and I should not be upset over the outrageous pensions we are paying out to public employees. (You know, the pensions that are bankrupting our state and forcing our taxes to go up.) He says the news should publish the names of every family on welfare. Here's a better idea: The news should stop printing letters from Buffalo cops that don't live in Buffalo. I respect Buffalo cops living in the city. The others are viewed by myself and my neighbors as mere tourists coming in to collect a paycheck.

I notice this letter talks about our anger at state pensions. This is not true. The voters anger is at the scam of working 80 hours a week during the last three years on the job to artificially inflate your pensions. Kevin Biggs, you have no jurisdiction over Buffalo residents as long as you continue to live in the suburbs. You should be writing your letters to the East Aurora Bee.

Don’t get mad at those earning state pensions

It’s interesting that people are so disturbed at the pension trend in the state.
Until a few years ago no municipality had to contribute to the pension fund because of better financial times. Workers had contributed so much and the economy was so good that the state didn’t require any contributions from the local municipalities.
I don’t think the public is aware and The News doesn’t inform us that the New York State pension fund is its own entity. There is already a large sum of money in it that can’t be used for anything other than pensions.
It has grown due to interest, government contributions and employee contributions. The liberal media should be more interested in the fact that the majority of our Erie County taxes are going to Medicaid and welfare.
The News should print that families are on five generations of welfare with no end in sight. Although I chose my profession, I still don’t get to see my kids on holidays and miss school concerts and events. I earned the pension I am going to receive.
Let’s save the state by getting rid of “pork” and stop funding every non-governmental entity that looks for handouts. Let’s force the lazy to work and educate the willing. It’s sad when people are raised to expect welfare instead of only relying on it during emergencies.
Direct anger to the right target.

Kevin T. Biggs
East Aurora City of Buffalo Police Detective and East Aurora Village Trustee

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