Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Latest postal increase gets big stamp of disapproval

It is going to cost you two more cents to mail a letter if the US Postal Service has it's way. Stamps are set to rise to 46 cents per stamp. Are you kidding me? Enough is enough. Don't they realize Americans are trying to make due with less these days? It's almost like they are looking for reasons to lay off more letter carriers.

It is going to cost nearly $1.00 to mail two letters. The thing they forget to tell you about "forever" stamps is they only last until you run out of them. Chalk this down as yet another tax. With bosses like this, it's no wonder half the letter carriers are set to go postal!


  1. They should make it $1.00 for 1st class with everyday delivery and make 2nd class a Monday, Weds, Friday delivery for 40 cents.

  2. I'd be on board with that. It sounds like it makes sense. I would send most things 2nd class. I'm not in any hurry to send out bills anyway.