Monday, July 5, 2010

Bobbie Fischer: You are not the father

Authorities exhumed the reclusive chess legend Bobby Fischer's body yesterday after a DNA request made by his daughter (we think) was approved by Iceland's Supreme Court:

(CNN) -- The body of chess legend Bobby Fischer was exhumed Monday in Iceland, law enforcement officials have told CNN. His body was reburied shortly after DNA samples were taken, the officials said.

Iceland's supreme court ruled last month in favor of a request by Jinky Young, Fischer's alleged daughter, to exhume his remains in order to settle a paternity question.

A doctor, a priest and other officials were present during the procedure, according to the police department in Selfoss, Iceland.

I don't know why they waited until after his death. What do you think the Maury Povich Show is for? Check out this guy's reaction when he finds out he is not the father after an in-studio paternity test. Talk about tact...

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