Sunday, July 11, 2010

New market in Lackawanna

It looks like a new slaughterhouse/market has opened in Crackawanna on the other side of the bridge, according to YNN...

Lackawanna Halal Market opens
By: Kaitlyn Lionti
A new, somewhat controversial business in Lackawanna is giving Western New Yorkers a different way to purchase meat. Our Kaitlyn Lionti tells us more about Lackawanna Halal Market and what area residents think of the addition to their community.

LACKAWANNA, N.Y. -- Lackawanna Halal Market is now open for business. It is a place for people to get fresh meat like poultry, rabbit and livestock."Choose their animal if they want to choose it or we can choose it for them, slaughter it right on spot, process it and in about 10-15 minutes the whole process is done," said Mike Jaarah, a Co-Owner of the business.

In what authorities say is merely a "coincidence", the population of geese, ducks, and rabbits at South Park Lake has decreased significantly this spring...

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