Sunday, July 18, 2010

Special interests supporting Special Olympians

So who is pulling the strings on the puppets running for New York state government? Who isn't? Find out which special interest groups our Special Olympians will be representing come November when some of these imbeciles take office. Yes, I call them imbeciles because that's exactly what most of them are.

Sam Hoyt might be the biggest blowhard in this group. He has prostituted himself to the Charter Schools' lobby and New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg:

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg hosted a Manhattan fundraiser in May that raised about $60,000 for Hoyt’s campaign.

“If you look at Mr. Hoyt’s money, I think the majority of it has come from the New York City and Albany areas,” said Golombek, a Buffalo Common Council member. “I think that shows who he’s represented in his tenure in Albany.”

“It’s no secret that Mayor Brown doesn’t like me. It’s no secret that Steve Pigeon doesn’t like me,” Assemblyman Sam Hoyt said. “Both of them have worked very, very hard to defeat me.”

It's also no secret that anyone in Western New York with half a brain doesn't like you either, Sam. It's time to stop living off of your father's name and achieve one thing, just one thing, on your own. Hoyt sounds like a complete moron in almost every TV interview he does. Entitled, spoiled son of an Assemblyman. Hoyt reminds me of the guy in the commercial who wins the lottery, buys a major league baseball team, and makes himself the starting shortstop. Never mind that he can't play.

Not to be outdone, his opponent is being backed by Deputy Mayor Byron Brown and the evil Steve Pigeon:

Hoyt’s Democratic primary opponent, Joseph Golombek Jr., has received contributions from several allies of Brown and Pigeon, but says Pigeon is not involved in his campaign.

Golembek sounds like a foul ball. Claiming to be a maverick, he's been up Brown's behind since day one. He lost all credibility when he made a ridiculous speech before the council on why we needed cameras at our red lights. They should have a camera follow this spaz around and see where he goes. Freak.The only good thing I can say about him is he lives on the same street as my good friend Billy O'Heir.

Then, we have the race for Senate in the 58th district. Tim "Hortins" Kennedy is clearly Brian Higgins' little political puppet.

“Both of my opponents have the Albany machine available to raise money for them,” Kennedy said of Stachowski and Assemblyman Jack Quinn III, the likely Republican nominee. “That’s the same Albany machine that people in Western New York are so frustrated with.”

Kennedy also received $2,000 from local strip club owner Richard Snowden, who recently lost his liquor license after police and federal agents raided his club as part of an investigation into prostitution and drug trafficking allegations against dancers and patrons at the Tally Ho.

Here's the same guy (Kennedy) that was going door to door two years ago, telling people in South Buffalo how they needed to keep Stachowski in Albany because of his great clout. You can't believe a word this guy says. Last summer, he supported Deputy Mayor Byron Brown over one of his South Buffalo neighbors. Kennedy is a phony and will do whatever Brian Higgins tells him to. He's like the scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz. If he only had a brain...

Jack Quinn's kid looks like he wasn't born so much as hatched. The old man was nothing but garbage. From the looks of Junior, I'm not so sure he's even Quinn's kid. He looks like he just escaped from a group home. He keeps talking about how he's going to reform Albany. He's been in Albany for the last several years. What has he done? Nothing. Shut the hell up and go get a job with the Hamburg Sanitation Department you spoiled little twit.

Special interests ready for state races : City & Region : The Buffalo News

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