Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Dissolve all the villages

Kevin Gaughan's issue of dissolving the Villages and towns was never really that big with me...until now. The biggest scam on the rest of us are the town traffic courts.

These small towns don't care about public safety. Everyone knows it's about how much of our hard earned money they can generate from us while we attempt to drive through their towns. Take Blasdell for instance. One day, a few months ago, I went to the bank on a day off from work. All of a sudden, I get pulled over by some Barney Fifelike cop. I had no idea why. I wasn't speeding, talking on my cell phone, or texting. My seat belt was on. He said I didn't come to a complete stop at the blinking red light on Lake Avenue. Now, had I completely blew it off, I would understood. There was nobody on the road and, probably out of force of habit, I hit the gas pedal at around 2 MPH (after breaking).

This heinous act ended up costing me $115 after I pleaded down to three parking tickets. What a complete joke! In today's recession, was my infraction worth that much to society? I hope everyone working for the Village of Blasdell gets the H1N1 virus and stays sick for a year.

Since the village get all the money, it amounts to a commuter tax for driving through their shit town. On any nice afternoon, watch around South Park and Lake Avenue as they pull over one unsuspecting motorist after another for minor infractions. With all the money these crooks are bringing in, it's no wonder they fight when taxpayers want them dissolved. It's not just Blasdell. Scenes like this are playing out in towns and villages all over Erie County.

I hope Gaughan is successfull and all of these low life, white trash villages get dissolved. The only one I like is Williamsville. They are very snobby, but they don't pull everyone over and harrass them like Hamburg, Blasdell, Kenmore, Tonawanda, etc.

The picture below is outside of traffic court in Blasdell yesterday. This was around 6:30 PM. People began showing up at 4PM. Inside, there were hundreds of others in the full courtroom or in line (waiting to talk to the prosecuter). You can't tell, but the line went all the way around the building. All of this money is going to the crooks that run this town. I seriously doubt they are giving any of it back to the people living in the trailor parks along Electric Avenue. We're all on to your sorry act, crooks. Dissolve immediately.

From the Village website:
The Erie Railroad was laid through this area in the 1870's. A gentleman from North Collins by the name of Herman Blasdell was the first Station Master for the depot built as the crossover of the Erie and Pennsylvania Railroads. He received permission from the United States Government to establish a Post Office in this depot. Having no name for this area and very few residents, he proceeded to put his own name on the depot. Hence, the name Blasdell.
Today, the Village is approximately one square mile.

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