Friday, July 30, 2010

Lazio fires campaign manager as a result of Paladino's momentum

Lobbyist Kevin Fullington was replaced today as Rick Lazio's campaign manager in favor of Matt Walter, another sign that Carl Paladino's campaign has captured the momentum for the Republican Gubernatorial primary. From today's Buffalo News:

In addition, Lazio has not showed any real success in fundraising, reporting only $688,000 on hand as of July 15. Paladino has vowed to spend up to $10 million of his own money.

It makes you wonder why the state's Republican leaders went with Lazio over Paladino in the 1st place. Oh yea. Probably the fact they knew they couldn't control Paladino and that he might actually look out for the interests of New York state taxpayers and not just the interests of party leaders. Lazio went on to thank Fullington for his service:

"I cannot thank Kevin Fullington enough for a successful convention and his long hours and hard work to ready this campaign for the final push," Lazio said.

Hahahahahahahaha. Nice spin, Rick. Why didn't he just say,"You've done a terrific job. That's why we have to fire you"? Does Lazio know the former Spokesperson for Iraq? Remember in the 1st Gulf War, that guy would get on TV and tell the Iraqi people to ignore all the bombs flying over their heads. It was actually an illusion.They were really defeating the Americans, militarily.

My money (ok, I don't have any money), but if I did, would be on Paladino. His message of change is starting to resonate with voters across the state. Here is some footage we obtained of Rick Lazio addressing his supporters at a recent campaign meeting:

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