Friday, July 2, 2010

State Senate race

It's July and the State Senate race is beginning to shape up. I had the pleasure of meeting Tom Casey last week. He is a South Buffalo guy who seems to have very good intentions. Whether he can gather up enough signatures to get on the ballot remains to be seen. Bill Stachowski and Tim "Hortons" Kennedy have volunteers who rely heavily on politicians for jobs. They know it's part of the deal to help collect the necessary signatures. Their ability to knock on people's doors and prostitute themselves year in and year out is, in fact, their only talent in life.

Sean Cooney decided to pull out of the race this past week, also. He cited his campaign's inability to compete financially with the likes of Tom Golisano (Kennedy) and the Erie County Democratic Organization (Stachowski) as his main reason for exiting the race. It's too bad. Cooney is a smart guy who publicly admits to reading my blog. He gets two thumbs up for good taste.

I recently heard from Mike Kuzma. He told me he and several volunteers are actively going door to door and expects to submit the necessary signatures around July 15th. While I am more of a conservative politically, I hope he does get on the ballot. I respect anyone who chooses to challenge the status-quo in today's harsh political climate. In fact, I hope it turns into a four person primary. For years, these incumbants were just rubber stamped and reelected with little or no opposition.

The funniest thing I've seen so far is Kennedy's slogan (Change Albany). Kennedy comes from a very nice family. They probably don't like my opinion of him, but the fact reamains: Tim Kennedy has had his integrity up for sale since he was 15 years old. He is a cheerleader for Brian Higgins and possesses no leadership qualities. Zero. He is being backed by the evil Steve Pigeon and recently supported Byron Brown for mayor over South Buffalo's own Mickey Kearns. Two years ago, when the party leaders told him to, Kennedy was out in the streets telling us how we "needed" Bill Stachowski's clout and experience in Albany. (Stachowski was down in the polls against former Buffalo Police Detective Dennis Delano.) Now, because Higgins and Pigeon put him up to it, he is saying Stachowski has been in office too long. Which is it? You cannot trust Kennedy to do the right thing. Ever. His campaign manager should be Jim Henson. He's a puppet for Brian Higgins and the devilish Steve Pigeon. If a candidate is being backed by Steve Pigeon, a red flag should appear next to their name in the voting booth. (This candidate will claim reform but is simply being used to promote Steve Pigeon and his anti-Western New York agenda.)

Waiting in the wings is Jack Quinn, Jr., the entitled son of the former Hamburg Congressman. The senior Quinn is a complete jackass. He pledged to only serve two terms in Congress, then reneged on his promise, as he became addicted to the power in Washington. As many Veterans groups quickly found out, Quinn is a phony. The younger Quinn is a real winner too, according to some of my sources familiar with him. I don't know him and don't want to know him. When I see his father walking around the Main Place Mall during the week, I'd like to spit on him and kick him square in the shins.

I wish Casey and Kuzma luck. Out of the three other candidates, Kennedy and Quinn bring less than nothing to the table. Stachowski is no prize, either. But the fact that both Kearns and Assemblyman Mark Schroeder are both backing Stachowski over Kennedy, should tell you what they think of the people pulling Kennedy's strings. Out of the three clowns mentioned (Stachowski, Kennedy, and Quinn), I think Stachowski will continue leading the circus we call Albany. The great thing about this race is that at least two out of those three will lose (and hopefully never reappear.)


  1. I met Tom Casey last week & was very impressed by him. He was very sincere & up on on the issues. Teresa

  2. yes Teresa, he does seem very sincere on the issues. I also heard from Michael Kuzma, who told me he's been actively going door to door campaigning and should submit his signatures by July 15th. I hope both of these guys get on the ballot.

  3. The "Change Albany" slogan IS the best. Unbelievable. Tim needs a backbone.

  4. "Tim needs a backbone."

    Your description is perfect:Spineless.

  5. a guy who want nothing else but to be a career politician is going to change Albany .

  6. "The "Change Albany" slogan IS the best. Unbelievable."

    Would you prefer "Keep Albany the same"? That's working out really well...

    Easy for you guys to say Tim has no backbone, but where's your hat? Toss it in the ring...

  7. Change Albany would be a great slogan if the guy saying it wasn't completely part of the status quo. Two years ago, kennedy was telling his constituents how we "needed" to keep stachowski because of his clout in albany. this guy will say whatever higgins and company tell him to. he doesn't stand for anything.everyone in s bflo knows that.

    if elections weren't bought and sold by special interests, maybe more people would "toss their hat into the ring". look at the three political opportunists we have running. these aren't leaders but puppets. i will continue speaking out against these orphans.