Friday, July 23, 2010

Gang thugs

Even the gang members around here are residency violators. Three gang members shouted "Central Park for life" as they beat up one of their rivals. What are they talking about? One lives in Amherst and another lives in Cheektowaga. If it's Central Park for life, then why did you move? And more importantly, why would you want to come back?

Three teen gang members were arrested Wednesday afternoon after a Lasalle Avenue woman and her two teenage nephews were attacked at the University Metro Rail station, transit police said.
Charged with gang assault and disorderly conduct were Daion Jordan, 17, of Flores Court, Cheektowaga; Andre Benefield, 16, of Pheasant Run, Amherst; and Dajore X. Houston, 17, of Minnesota Avenue.
The attackers shouted, “Central Park for life.” Police believe this is a reference to the Central Park Posse gang.

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