Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Scam artist

This story is an example of why I never give money unless I can see firsthand who benefits from it. A woman in New York City has been dressing up as a nun for over a decade and scamming people:

A woman who donned a habit and cross and asked diners to give donations for the needy is no longer welcome in New York's Little Italy after restaurant owners found out she wasn't actually a nun.

The New York Post reports that 54-year-old Mindy LeGrand would walk around the neighborhood claiming she was an Episcopal nun raising money for an orphanage and for the homeless. The Post says the orphanage does not exist and LeGrand has no affiliation to any church.

LeGrand was seen begging on a recent Saturday afternoon before she pulled off her habit and skirt and walked home in a pink tank top and shorts while smoking. The Post says she was caught doing the same thing in the Bronx in 1997.

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