Friday, July 30, 2010

Stay away from Georgia

A guy in Georgia went out fishing and saw hundreds of alligators, in what scientists are calling a rare "cooperative feeding". (I think I saw the same thing once at Tops on South Park and Bailey Ave.) Of course, he did what any normal redneck would do in this situation: He drove his boat right through them...

"I saw the video, but haven't been it (cooperative feeding) before myself," said Refuge Biologist Sarah Aicher. "Others who have been here longer said they saw it happen once around the (Suwannee River) sill area, where there were a large congregation of mud-fish, and the alligators had a communal feeding of the mud-fish. The alligators, somehow, get a signal and congregate and feed. It's a mystery how they do that."

"I aint never seen so many gators in my life!"Here is the bizarre video:

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