Friday, July 23, 2010

False Tough Guy

Former West Seneca police officer Sean Kelley must be one tough guy. After feeling insulted by a fellow bar patron, Kelley showed how "tough" he really was. He called two on duty cops to the scene and then beat up the guy he had been in an argument with. The same guy who bought Kelley and his girlfriend drinks and apologized for whatever he said.

This other guy might be a jerk or a drunk. Who knows? But calling the cops and then beating him badly does not make Kelley a tough guy. The sad part is, I'll bet Kelley really still thinks he is a tough guy. Sorry, ex-small town cop. You're 30 years old. Fighting over something so stupid and losing your job in the process does not make you a tough guy. It makes you an unemployed guy.

My sources (ok, the people commenting underneath the story) say Kelley's father is a West Seneca political hack (these guys should walk around with tattoos on their foreheads for identification). Rumor has it, he prostituted himself to former town supervisor Paul Clark to get short-fused Junior the job of small town cop. I'm sure, as we speak, he is working on getting him some other job in law enforcement or the prison system (right after he gets him out of jail for breaking the law). Good move by the West Seneca Chief for turning the matter over to the FBI. The whole crew shouldn't be made to look bad because of the actions of one hothead.

Former police officer faces charges after bar fight - The Buffalo News
We have some rare footage of Junior in action:


  1. Sean Kelley is a scumbag! He stole money from St. Francis HS, and was kicked out as a result. He should have been arrested then. This incident was the straw that broke the camels back. He had numerous other issues while employed with WS police. I don't usually attack those who get jobs because of who they know, god knows some connections have helped me over the years. The difference here is that this kid has and will always be a screw up, he should never have been helped in the first place. I hope he has to serve time in prison. Its obvious west seneca wants to screw him, otherwise they wouldn't have contacted the FBI. I guess this is their way of admitting they made a mistake in hiring him.

  2. Thanks for the insight. I don't know him but I think you bring up a very good point. I also felt WS must have wanted him out to go to the FBI about the incident. Sounds like a guy used to getting his way in life.

  3. Your close, but fbi became involved due to the downsized town board intervening every single time and not allowing the chief to run his department.
    Essentially the chief, like him or not had his hands tied. And could never put forth any type of discipline for any corruption he did. The board is more corrupt and brainless for even getting involved in any of this. Of course they have become very forgetful lately when asked about this. They had this kelly guy convinced that the chief would be fired before the corrupt copper would. they should all be impeached from supervisor on down. Left the taxpayers open to pay whatever settlements that come out of this.

  4. The chief did the right thing in contacting the FBI because let's face it, had he NOT contacted them then it would have been a no-win situation for everyone involved (except Kelley's wife- because no matter what her douche bag husband is going to the clink, and she still gets to be smokin' hot).
    Kelley was out the door regardless of whether or not the FBI was brought in, and if the Chief kept his mouth shut (on top of all of the media this got) then the entire department would have looked corrupt.
    Keep in mind, there were 2 witnesses on record who are also West Seneca cops (who were ON DUTY at the time). This is absolutely a federal matter- no question. Wash your hands of this, chief, this one is above you.
    Kelley will get jail time, yes.
    WTF?! As I am reading this I am also reading a story on that says he was arrested AGAIN last Weds for another bar fight?? What the hell is wrong with this kid?
    The guy at Mackies has a point- how the hell did she end up with this dude???