Monday, July 5, 2010

Illinois governor tries to sell Senate seat

The people rising to the top of our current political system are not leaders. They are scam artists. If you think I'm exaggerating, check out the phone conversation played in this clip. Disgraced Illinois Governor Rob Blagoyevich (no relation to former Dolphins kicker Pete Stoyanovich) tries to sell the Senate seat which had recently been vacated by President Obama.

Listen to the arrogance of this guy. You get the impression that it doesn't even cross his mind that what he is doing is wrong. I'm glad somebody secretly taped the conversation. The sad part is people like Blagoyevich and Eliot Spitzer are not ashamed of their actions. They both are now trying to make the transition from politician to entertainer. In today's world, neither requires any known talent (See Tim Kennedy, Paris Hilton, or the Kardashians for proof of this.)

Remember a long time ago when disgraced people were at least embarrassed by their actions. Blagoyevich should have things thrown at him every time he's out in public yet now, he thinks he's some sort of reality TV star. Go get a haircut felon...

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