Sunday, July 4, 2010

False home invasion reported near Blog headquarters

This crime happened one street away from Blog Headquarters. Every week in the crime reports, there are incidents being reported on this part of Spaulding St. (#1-30 near corner of Hopkins)...

Police say reported home invasion was bogus

Buffalo police say a reported home invasion on Spaulding Street late Friday night was bogus and that the parties involved all knew each other and were involved in a dispute.
A man at the Spaulding Street address had reported to police that gunmen invaded his home, duct taped his wife's wrists and threatened to shoot her and their two children over an "unknown item."
The man did suffer a minor injury to his head and drove himself to Sisters Hospital for treatment.
A round from a gun apparently was shot during the dispute. The bullet landed near the stairs in the floor of the second floor of the home.

The word on the street (ok, I heard it from some old lady at the store) was that this is a drug house. Apparently, a gun accidentally fired. Injured, the victim/scumbag, made it appear as a home invasion in an effort to get treatment. Unfortunately, this being a section VIII ghetto, nobody cares.

For example, we had all the politicians down here last summer telling us about all the changes they were going to make to Durant Park. They promised an increased police presence. On any given workday, you can drive by and see adults (not teenagers) drinking beer and smoking pot. Who would want to bring their kids over there and subject them to this environment? They should let the weeds grow and turn it back into a forrest.

Hopkins Street is a war zone. It is only a matter of time until a major crime takes place over there. My nephew and I get up and joke that we are the only two suckers on the street going to work each morning. People see me with a shirt and tie and think I must be with the FBI. I come home for lunch and the street is filled with porchmongers discussing ways to beat the disability system. Tonight, I'll sit back and watch these shirtless wonders spend our tax dollars on bottle rockets, 40 ounces, and M-80s. Who do you blame? Landlords have to rent to someone. The quality of life is where it starts. These people litter everywhere. They swear right in front of their children. They let their dogs go right on the soccer field we had built. The league no longer plays or practices there (and I don't blame them.) This is what you call a forgotten neighborhood. The Buffalo Police might as well build a substation over here. It would save them money on gas.

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