Thursday, July 29, 2010

Lawsuits will not deter Delano

You can always tell when someone is trying to do a good thing in area politics: the local Democrats and Republicans work together to oppose them. Dennis Delano must be perceived as a guy neither party can control, as evidenced by the fact they are trying to invalidate his signatures for Cheektowaga town judge.

Signatures are another advantage of incumbancy, as the incumbants are able to use their supporters (whose jobs usually depend on them getting reelected) to collect them. When someone is a challenger, it is much harder to get on the ballot, as the incumbants already have ready made sychophants on their side. This challenge will not succeed. Delano is a good man and deserves to be on the ballot. The establishment is clearly threatened by his popularity.

In an unrelated matter, Erie Couny Democratic Chairman Len Lenihan was sued for having the worst combover in the Western Hemisphere...

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  1. Maybe if his signatures were from living people and legitimate eligible voters he wouldn't be in this mess. Also, why dodge the subpeona? It's obvious he and his family took ill advised short cuts during the process. If he truly wants to be a politician he should follow the law. If he really is that popular why the need to fabricate signatures? So much for his integrity.

  2. I just hope the election is decided by the voters and not the courts. As an outside observer, whenever signatures are questioned, I see it as a sign that the establishment must be worried.

    It's nice to know that they are concerned about the political process being "tarnished." I would love to know what the career politicians of WNY have to say about integrity. (see the last 50 years as an example).

  3. I personally know three people that supposedly signed Delano petitions that were witnessed by Cheryl Delano that have signed affidavits that say that the signatures are fraudulent and not, in fact their signatures.

  4. Three predictable things the rabid supporters of entrenched incumbants always complain about:
    1.) Signatures are invalid-Never mind that it's a great deal easier for incumbants to find people to collect signatures. Usually, their jobs depend on them and sometimes they collect them during work hours.

    2.)The opponents supporters are stealing our lawn signs. Who cares? Put up a camera and catch the person.

    3.)The opponents' supporters are within 100 feet of the polling place.

    The only people worse than politicians are the talentless people whose jobs depend on them.

  5. If signatures are gathered in a fraudulent manner then they should not be counted.

  6. I wonder if the above poster "personally" knew these facts but forgot to mention them?
    1. kelly Martin, wife of Mitchel martin (former cheektowaga republican committee chairman) ran against democrat james vallone in his first bid for election, yet she didn't feel it necessary to run an actual "campaign"! fraud?
    2. Mitchel Martin filed the illegal lawsuit citing alledged fraud against delano's republican petitions even though delano ran for the state senate as a republican and vallone is a lifelong dem!!why are the martin's "supposedly" republican committee people, in bed with democrat vallone? "what promises or deals were made?
    3. checking vallones financial filings will reveal that this "judge" paid for the attorney that Martin used to file the frivolous petition suit, and vallones son eric was the one that illegally notorized the "affadavits" for martin? did he even pass the bar? Good thing there was an "honest" judge around to throw out the "made up" lawsuit and phony affadavits alledging that 4 or 5 signatures were fraudulant out of over 600 that were submitted by delano's people!!!!Will they stop at nothing in the name of politics? I propose that it is people like the vallone's and the martins that have corrupted wny politics so bad that people don't even want to vote anymore!!!! this type of cancer needs to be cut out of local politics to give voters their voice back!!!! Blake is "spot on" with this one!!!