Thursday, July 1, 2010

Capozzi reaches settlement

Anthony Capozzi will receive $4.25 million after spending 22 years of his life behind bars for crimes he did not commit.

Like moths to a flame, South Buffalo Democratic Committeemen have already begun flocking to Capozzi's doorstep in an attempt to "become better neighbors". We all know how much these tools love associating with rich guys and their money. In fact, Capozzi's newfound wealth makes him the early frontrunner for Goin' South's Irishman of the Year award.
Capozzi gets $4.25 million from state in settlement : Twitter - Buffalo News : The Buffalo News


  1. Why SB? Just for the money? Does he live there now?

  2. I don't know where Capozzi lives. However, South Buffalo Committemen are notoriously known for greed and having a low opinion of themselves. They also are very good at passing these two pathetic traits onto their children, who also join the committee.