Sunday, November 1, 2009

Somalian Lives to be 112-Marries 17 Year Old

The average life span in war torn Somalia is 47 years old for males. This guy is reportedly 112 years young. I guess he's the exception that proves the rule. That's like an American living to be 150. He recently married a 17 year old bride. He was 95 when his bride was born. Some might consider that robbing the cradle.I just say he has a taste for younger women. You couldn't make something like this up if you wanted to.

By the way, his birth certificate is written on goat skin. He has an 80 year old son from a previous marriage. The price for this marriage was six head of cattle, a case of beer, and two Bills season tickets in the end zone. Funnier than this story is the girl from India in this clip talking about it.
Stay tuned. Catch you tomorrow. Bye Bye.

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