Sunday, November 29, 2009

Graber Leaves West Seneca Residents With a November Surprise

When West Seneca was discussing it's downsizing vote, all indications were that the vote was going to be close. It was hysterical listening to Town Councilman Vince Graber, who stood to lose his seat on the pension gravy train, tell people why the town needed to keep their current number of councilmembers so they wouldn't lose their "representation". What a joke. Good thing the voters saw right through his status quo nonsense. Graber lost. On his way out the door, Vince the Prince created a resolution that regardless of need, the buildings and grounds department will always have 14 full time workers and two foreman. What a coincidence! From today's letters to the editor, it looks like Graber's resolution will ensure that at least two of his relatives keep their government appointed jobs. Vincent Graber and the three other councilmembers supporting his resolution: working for themselves in direct opposition to the taxpayers.

From today's Buffalo News:

West Seneca contract preserves the status quo

Little words mean a lot. Who ever thought the word “endeavor” would be costly to the taxpayers of West Seneca? Thanks to Councilman Vince Graber’s resolution at the Nov. 16 board meeting, that word was removed from a union contract. That contract now ensures that, regardless of need, the buildings and grounds department will always have 14 full-time workers and two foremen.

At a time when every municipality is trying to eliminate positions through attrition, Graber wants to ensure positions at all cost to the taxpayers. He offered no explanation for his resolution, nor did any of the council members voting with him. Supervisor Wallace Piotrowski voted against the resolution with full explanation. Kudos to him.

I would hope that union contracts would require more thought than someone’s whim to ensure jobs for relatives and friends. How can this action be valid? Don’t contracts involve both parties? Obviously, Graber and the three other council members have forgotten who they are working for. I hope that taxpayers will remember this at future elections.

Karen Lucachik

West Seneca

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