Wednesday, November 11, 2009

You Must Be At Least This Tall to Enter This Ride

The Comet at Crystal Beach Amusement Park was better than anything at Darien Lake. The ride itself was great, but what made it even greater was the fact that it wasn't hi-tech. It was old school. You knew there would always be freaks waiting in line. Then, when you got to the guy controlling the ride, you found out what a real freak looked like. I don't think there were too many criminal background checks back then.

On the way up the first hill, you went straight over the water. You could see these giant fish in the water. On the roller coaster's structure there were these giant spiders (especially in the evening). They were not props but real well fed spiders. Then, there was the giant Canadian flag to remind you it was ok to spend their monopoly money.

It never surprises me when something "new and improved" is unable to surpass something old and outdated. It's because it's impossible to replicate the memories. The Aud will always be better than HSBC. People will always talk about the steep stairs in the orange section and those sound barriers that hung on it's ceiling. Dunn Tire Park will always be better than Toronto's Skydome no matter how many hotels they build in it, and Crystal Beach will always be better than Darien Lake.
People remember the loganberry and the giant suckers. They will remember the cottages. Here is some footage forwarded to one of my dedicated staff members of a ride on the Comet:

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