Thursday, November 5, 2009

What You Do in The Privacy of Someone Else's Home is Your Business, Steve...

The biggest weasel in Western New York, G. Steven Pigeon- Just look at this picture. Doesn't he look like a trustworthy guy? He was the guy in high school voted most likely to snitch on one of his classmates.

From today's Buffalo News: Apparently, a man keeps breaking into a Bidwell Ave. woman's apartment and wearing her lingerie. I wonder if it's the same cross dressing weirdo that robbed a pair of hot pink underwear at knifepoint from a Niagara St adult book store last week(???)

Buffalo News 11/5/09
Police are investigating the suspicions of a Bidwell Parkway woman who believes a man has been secretly visiting her apartment and wearing her nightclothes.
Police said the woman suspects four such visits over the last two weeks —the most recent Tuesday, when she discovered a coffee cup missing, and Wednesday, when she found her closet door opened, clothing on hangers moved and a bathrobe smelling of men’s cologne.

Buffalo police have not released the names of any suspects but a source close to the investigation claims that former Erie County Democratic Chairman G. Steven Pigeon has been labeled as a "person of interest".

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