Friday, November 20, 2009

Brown Snubs South Buffalo-Again

The mayor came out with his budget for capital improvements. Despite an $18 million budget, South Buffalo is getting nothing. South District Councilmember Mickey Kearns has gone so far to take out an ad in this week's Metro Community News.

Mayor Brown's spokesman claims that the budget is decided by a Citizens Planning Council. I know from experience that these planning committees are usually stuffed with political asskissers whose jobs depend on people like Mayor Urkel, Brian Higgins, etc. Since it's our money we're talking about, I'd like to see just who sits on this committee. They need to report to this blogger immediately. I'll guarantee it has a few South Buffalo bottom feeders on it. Remember,these Commissioners from South Buffalo don't care about your neighborhood. They only care about preserving future jobs for themselves and their mongoloid kids. You're going to tell me Mayor Brown approved a recommendation that allowed South Buffalo to get nothing out of $18 million dollars? What an insult to Ray McGurn and the five other South Buffalo fools that told you to support him. Here is a channel 4 news story by Rich Newberg regarding the money we won't be seeing any time soon. A special thanks to all the South Bflo political leaders that supported Mayor Urkel over one of their own neighbors...

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