Sunday, November 22, 2009

Amherst Tree Killer

This was an upsetting story in today's Buffalo News. Developer William Huntress is allowed to cut down countless trees on his Wehrle Dr. property because of lax tree laws in Amherst. He's only had to pay about $1000 in fines and his work has been allowed to continue. He even has Paul Cambria representing him. Fortunately, what the town won't do, the neighbors will. They are taking pictures, video, and contacting the local media.

This guy sounds like a total jerk. The last thing Amherst needs is more office parks. I'd like to see some judge sentence this guy to community service. They should make him plant five trees for every one he's knocked down. The whole town was built years ago on wetlands. Where do people like Huntress expect all the wildlife to go? Somebody should go bulldoze his house.
Town's lax tree laws fuel anger : Home: The Buffalo News

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