Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Two Faced Dave

The Harvard Cup football game will be played tomorrow between Burgard HS and Riverside HS. If the cameras are around, you know you will find Buffalo Public Schools' Athletic Director Dave Thomas. A source from the Burgard maintenance staff tells me Thomas showed up at the school's pep rally and told them how he wanted Burgard to win the game because they were from such a "well run" (his words) smaller program.

It will be interesting to hear what my friends at Riverside think about that. I'm sure he went there and told them the same thing. This guy is the most two faced person I know. He doesn't care who wins. All he cares about is getting as much money as he can from city residents for himself and his son (whom he also hired and is paying to coach 3 sports). This blowhard lives in East Amherst.

I remember jogging around the indoor track at the ECC city campus during the MLK basketball tournament last year. One of the local news stations was interviewing a player and Thomas kept on walking back and forth behind him just so he could be seen on camera. I felt sorry for Thomas. It was the most embarrassing display of self promotion I ever witnessed. Good luck at the game tomorrow, residency violator.

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