Thursday, November 12, 2009

Local Rich Guy Moves Into Gated Community

Does anyone remember this clown? Mark Hamister was the guy that all the local politicians, especially Joel Giambra, were behind to purchase the Sabres after the Rigas family was thrown in jail. There was only one slight problem. Hamister wasn't close to having the money necessary to buy the team and wanted you and I to foot the bail. No thanks. Tom Golisano did have the money, yet Giambra and his friends didn't like his politics so they basically ignored him.

Say what you want about Tom Golisano. I have no idea why he would align himself with local sewer rat Steve Pigeon. At least he doesn't expect the taxpayers to subsidize the team. That was Giambra and Hamister's plan. Hamister is also a member of the Buffalo Niagara Partnership's Board of Directors. This group has done nothing but embarrass the region for years with their ineffectiveness. I think at one point Brian Higgins even called them "irrevelant". Hey Hamster. Use your four legs, crawl under your new gate, and don't come out. You suck!!!
Patio home in Amherst sells for $1.2 million*

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