Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Davis Quits Council

Brian Davis resigned his seat on the Buffalo Common Council this afternoon. Davis admitted that he spent just under $2,000 of campaign contributions on personal items. He pleaded guilty to two misdemeanors. In recent days, the usually split council unanimously called for Davis' resignation.

I felt Davis should resign because he hasn't been showing up to meetings and lied about his college experience. Davis claimed to have graduated from a Trinity College but no Trinity College has any record of a Brian Davis graduating from their schools. This whole $2,000 thing seems kind of minor to me however. There have been other local examples of politicians betraying the public trust where nothing was done. Assembly dinosaur Sam Hoyt recently admitted having affairs with his young interns in a series of embarrassing emails. He also admitted spending campaign funds to pay for a babysitter and nothing was done about either of these things. Probably because he's the spoiled/entitled son of the late Bill Hoyt.

A few years ago State Senator Bill Stachowski admitted that he used his campaign funds to pay for Buffalo Bill's season tickets. He must have gotten away with it by being the privileged son of Stan Stachowski. I don't see how this is any different than Davis spending money on himself. Former County Legislator Mike Fitzpatrick pleaded guilty to more than one DWI yet his seat was never in jeopardy.

How about these people that retire with huge warchests like Joel Giambra, Tony Masiello, Tom Reynolds, and Jack Quinn? You don't think they are spending this money on themselves through bribes, err I mean campaign donations to other people? Give me a break. Yes. Davis is a crook. However, he appears to have plenty of company. He was just lousy at covering his tracks.

Davis resigns Common Council seat*

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